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World Schooling is a new term for me. I came across it as I joined Facebook groups for traveling families. It is an unstructured approach to “home schooling” that families use who travel. They take their experiences from traveling to educate their children. Without setting out to do this, it appears this is what we are doing! We are World Schoolers! Some people choose to supplement with curriculums, which is what we will do, but we will allow our travels and experiences help lead our education. For example, already on our road trip the kids have learned about:

History of Light houses
Lava cave formation and impact
Tide pool sea life
Yellowstone: geisers, mud pools, bison, bears, etc.
Tide tables: pull of the moon
Oregon trail
How to make a fire
Ice cream/cheese factory
Whale migration
How rock formations are made (Bryce Canyon)Hydroponics/farming


We anticipate the kids learning a ton of history on the trip South along the East Coast. We’ll stop in NYC, Washington DC, Virginia, etc.

How cool is that?! The kids are interested in these things because they are experiencing them first hand. They are asking questions and retaining the information! Now, as we have been busy moving from place to place, we haven’t been able to sit down and create lessons around these things, but that is the plan in the future. As we experience new things in various anchorages, we’ll create lessons that are directly tied to what the kids are experiencing.

There is an awesome Facebook group of World Schooling families supporting each other. Check it out for some inspiration –


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  1. This is so great! What a way to foster a child’s natural curiosity than to experience our world first hand. I will be the first to admit my knowledge of history is seriously lacking and I remember none of the facts I was forced to copy from an overhead projector (I was probably busy writing and passing notes to you.) I can’t wait to hear about what the kids are learning! Maybe I’ll learn a thing or two!

    1. Thanks, Lotta! I expect to be learning just as much as the kids. Everyone knows I missed the week/month/year(?) we learned about US geography!

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