Whirlwind preparations for moving aboard!

We finalized our boat purchase on July 14th, my brother got married on the 16th (lots of festivities that week), and we have been trying to get the following things done while also trying to ensure the kids don’t kill themselves or each other. We quickly figured out that Pat and I can’t both work on these tasks at the same time, otherwise the kids will start an all out war vying for attention. Here is a list of items to give you an idea of what needs to be done just prior to moving aboard:

  • Create bill of sale/wire money (this was a “by owner” sale)
  • Research United States Coast Guard registration process
  • Order part for boat (apparently something already broke that the seller advised us of – and although we have to order it, they will reimburse us!)
  • Order Dessert First decal for boat – so exciting!
  • Finalize cell phone plan/connectivity with Verizon
  • Apply for boat insurance (this is a very lengthy and tedious task)
  • Research best version and reserve outboard to pick up in Halifax
  • Enroll in ASU’s health insurance, re-up short term domestic health insurance until ASU employment begins
  • Set up mailing service with St. Brenden’s Isle (trip to town for notary, etc.)
  • Call banks, credit cards, USPS, etc. regarding address change
  • Plan navigation route from St. Peters Bay to Maine
  • Make provisioning/shopping list for Costco stop in Halifax (SO happy they have a Costco!)
  • Reserve rental cars/hotel for Seattle/Halifax.
  • Reserve flights to Halifax (and deal with double booking issue)
  • Prep van for sale (we will sell it in Seattle the day before we leave!)
  • Pack our 8 checked bags and 10 carry-on’s/personal items
  • Still teaching online!

As of this writing, nearly all of these items have been completed. I’m a bit nervous about selling the car and dealing with all of our luggage at the airport/Canadian customs. As of Tuesday evening, we will be moved onto our new home and all of this stress will be worth it! Come on Tuesday!




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