I think we might be sailors!

Approaching Florida has prompted us to reflect on how far we’ve come. With very little experience sailing we flew to our new boat on the northern end of Nova Scotia. We knew we’d have to get the boat South before it got cold so that left us with only a couple of weeks of learning the boat before we had to head out into the Atlantic. We nervously started our journey and had more than a few stressful moments. Reflecting back on how far we’ve come in four short months is amazingly gratifying. We now have confidence in our anchoring abilities, know the in’s and out’s of planning a passage, have done (although still don’t enjoy) multiple overnight passages, and know how to maintain and operate the boat. While we still feel like newbies and have much to learn (and always will), in meeting other sailors and chatting, we’ve come to realize that we have garnered a bit of “street cred” when we say we’ve sailed from Nova Scotia. I think we might actually be considered sailors.

We have sailed roughly 2200 miles to date and will have more than 2400 by the time we cross to the Bahamas in just a couple of weeks. We are beyond excited to be in Florida, in warm weather and closer to warm, clear water. Bahamas here we come!

Enjoying Florida's waters.
Enjoying Florida’s waters.
Warm enough to play on the beach with friends.
Warm enough to play on the beach with friends.
Sailing :)
Sailing 🙂

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