Ready As I’m Gonna Be

First of all, thank you to all of you for your support! Really, it means so much. I wish so much that I could hear words of support and wisdom from a parental figure, but that isn’t in the cards for me, so I must make decisions using my gut instinct. Who knows, maybe that feeling is my dad or uncle giving me a thumbs up?

So, I imagine some of you are wondering what needs to be done to prepare for our journey. Lots!!! Here is a brief overview of what we have done thus far:

  1. Decided we could live our life more fully and truly took to heart that today could be our last.
  2. Searched for alternate ways to live – one day when asking Pat if he found any leads on new ways to earn a living he said, “I just wish we could sail the World”.
  3. Started researching sailing the World with kids.
  4. Found an awesome book: Voyaging with Kids and started following the Sailing Totem blog. They have been successfully and joyfully sailing for 9 years with 3 kids. This pointed to many other families doing the same.
  5. Realized living on a boat is a thing people do and is do-able!
  6. Researched: how to learn to sail, how much sailing experience is needed for crossings, cost of living on a boat, safety, homeschooling, healthcare/vaccinations, internet access, best boat types for families, how to buy a boat, energy on a boat (i.e. solar, wind, watermaker, generators), seasickness, sailing routes, how to mitigate pirate risk, how to make a living while abroad, provisioning as a vegetarian, bringing dogs abroad, etc. (I plan on writing separate blog posts on each of these topics in more detail later on).
  7. Sailed in San Diego a couple of times with the kids to see how they liked it.
  8. Talked with the boys in great detail about what it will mean to live on a boat.
  9. Created a budget and confirmed remote work options with employers.
  10. Made arrangements for our dog, Charlie — thank you Brad! (I’m still feeling incredibly guilty about this one, but I know this is the best decision for him).
  11. Pat registered for sailing classes and has been teaching me and the kids on the weekends at a lake in Phoenix (we couldn’t both take courses at the same time due to a lack of child care).
  12. Put house up for rent!
  13. Started looking for boats — we’re close to finding one – hopefully we’ll have an update on this soon!
  14. Told our jobs we won’t be returning! Eeek! This was probably the scariest step!
  15. Began selling nearly everything we own.
  16. Created a back up plan in case this isn’t what we hoped for.
  17. Continue to overcome our intermittent bouts of fear and remain steadfast in our decision to take a leap of faith!

2 thoughts on “Ready As I’m Gonna Be”

  1. Wow! You two have certainly been methodical and clear headed about your adventure! I look forward to being on your adventure with you, via your blog… So happy for my Ryan relatives ! Happy trails!!!

    1. Tiffany, wow I hope you have an adventure of a lifetime! I have to say as a mom and a Mimi I am concerned! Keep those babies safe and happy sailing

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