Holidays at Sea

The kids missing out on holiday traditions was brought up by some as a concern prior to leaving for the boat. So far on the road we’ve celebrated 4 birthdays, Halloween and now Thanksgiving. We’ve found the cruising community to be full of people that are similar to us – they are out exploring but enjoy the company of others often and make a point to create event/groups that bring cruisers together. For Halloween we decorated the boat, carved pumpkins, went trick or treating and attended several local festivities. We were fortunate enough to meet up with another live aboard cruising family in Annapolis through the Kids4Sail FB page. The cruising community puts on “Cruisers Thanksgivings” all over the World. We started the week with festivities in St. Mary’s, Georgia. They had a happy hour at the local hotel for all the cruisers and there were probably at least 50 people there. They had arranged for transportation for us to get groceries where we met a wonderful couple that we had much in common with. Another local cruiser drove Pat and the kids to the library for a special craft event while I was able to use the hotel’s lobby to work. Unfortunately, there weren’t many kids at the happy hour and the kids were a little bummed, so we decided to go to the St. Augustine Thanksgiving event instead as the family we spent Halloween with will be there and the kids can play. While our holidays look a little different now, they are still meaningful and sure to create memories.






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