feetTonight was the first time I was able to sit in silence and reflect. We motored to a secluded anchorage in Bras d’Or Lake (a big step for us- leaving the safety of the marina on our own for the first time). While we may have looked like crazy people while anchoring (a post for another time!), and we had a few stressors during our first outing, we finally got situated and Pat and the kids dinghied over to shore while I made dinner. I went out on the trampoline while the pizza dough was rising and finally breathed a sigh of relief. I looked around myself and just could not believe we were finally here. I don’t know how this happened. I just feel ridiculously lucky. We are fully aware that we are part of a very small population of people that are able to do this. We get to live in this beautiful boat, have a new, exciting, and gorgeous backyard every night. We get to see the sunset every night. When we were in our home, working 9-5 jobs, we would only see the sunset if it happened to be setting while we were driving home. We get to have a home cooked dinner together EVERY NIGHT. Most nights in our old lives we would not have dinner together as someone would be working late, a child was at sports practice, etc. We get to experience new things and learn new things in each location we go to. Today, the kids explored the shore of Nova Scotia and found pink and purple star fish, and a giant crab. They (they boys) are learning how to operate their dinghy on their own, and how to navigate through the water. We get to meet new, amazing people every day. Boaters are the nicest people. We have had pretty much every complete stranger we’ve come in contact with offer to help us.

As I laid on the trampoline, I looked at the tattoo on my foot. It’s of a blue bird and butterfly – the symbols for my Dad and Uncle. I love that I have this permanent reminder of them, and why we are doing this. Life is short, and I’m so grateful for their guidance during this journey.


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  1. Love this! Boating can be stressful (especially anchoring!) but you are right – it’s such a small percentage that actually gets to live their dreams and have this amazing lifestyle.

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